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President's Welcome

Welcome to the Melbourne University Liberal Club website. 

Currently in its 99th year, the Melbourne University Liberal Club has been at the forefront when it comes to promoting Liberalism on campus as our nation's premier Liberal Club.

As the oldest Liberal Club in the country, we retain the traditions that have spanned many decades since the club's inception. Every Monday of every academic week, members continue to convene for weekly meetings at 1pm.

In addition to the Club's weekly meetings, we also engage in a variety of other events including policy forums with key stakeholders in our nation's policy direction, drinks events, interstate political trips, campaigning and much more.

Our universities are the proving ground for the ideas which will define the future of our nation. It is vital that Liberal and conservative ideas are a part of that dialogue, and the Club maintains an active presence in university life. 

Universities should not be dominated by one strain of politics and one set of values. They should be a balanced mix of all ideas, which should be allowed to be expressed, and tested against one another. 

The Club is actively involved with the Australian Liberal Students Federation (ALSF). There are currently two Club members who sit on ALSF's national executive. 

Every year during the Federal budget, Club members travel up to Canberra to meet with various MP's throughout budget week to discuss a range of different points and in doing so experiences the rare and exclusive opportunity to walk the corridors of our nation's Parliament House and speak with the country's decision makers.

The Club also holds its famous Annual Dinner each year and involves itself in the elections for the University of Melbourne Student Union.

MULC also has an array of alumni who have gone on to achieve positions in both current state & federal parliaments and also bygone parliaments as well. 

At the core of the Club's strong foundation is its commitment to the principle that MULC is and always should be disaffiliated from the Liberal Party. The MULC is and always has been an independent body, and indeed is older than the Liberal Party itself by 20 years. This arrangement and history gives Club members the added benefit of speaking freely in regards to policy and the nation's polity.

Our Club holds strong on the values and aims it has held from the beginning. Above all, we seek to promote and champion Liberal and conservative ideas on campus.


Ad Libertatem,


Conor Barnes


Melbourne University Liberal Club

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